Cooking Workshops

Go Healthy: Customised cooking demo

Learn healthy eating with 10 points for atmosphere and conviviality!

During these “do-workshops”, participants make healthy dishes under the guidance of a health coach. Eating healthy often seems like a lot of work and hassle, but it is not! During the workshop, participants get lots of information on why a dish is healthy and how to prepare it. We offer the following cooking demos:

  •   Healthy breakfast : The importance of healthy fats – Preparing granola and oatmeal pancakes  

Breakfast makes the start of your day. You might notice sometimes, if your day starts off unhealthy, it often doesn’t follow with much improvement. Seize the dawn to start the day full of energy and healthy foot. We make enough right away so that you are provided with a healthy breakfast for the next few days.

  • Healthy apero & mocktail

An aperitif snack with drinks, it’s in our blood, we all like to consume it. Now if only we could make this with nutritious ingredients and a non-alcoholic aperitif. Then we are already taking steps in the healthy direction. Toasting together with colleagues? You can during this workshop.

  • Healthy snacks

Snacks are often not the healthy type. Learn how to make a healthy snack that keeps you satiated for a long time and that you can enjoy for a long time. Because no one has time to prepare their healthy snack every day. Cozy healthy snack-prepping together.

  • Healthy lunch

Lunch is a nice moment of rest during the working day. Blessed if this means you can enjoy a freshly prepared meal that doesn’t cause the energy dip afterwards. Learn the basics of a good meal salad and make a meal salad in a superfood wrap together with your colleagues for today and tomorrow. 2 birds with one stone.

  • Healthy diner : Preparation of vegetarian lasagne with spinach, goat cheese and minced lentils

Potatoes are fattening, pasta is bad for your gut, meat is not good for the environment. Do you remember what you can prepare that is good for yourself, your family and the planet? Let us translate your science into a delicious dish that everyone will be licking their fingers over.

During the workshop, you will be given the basics, with many tips and tricks of how to cook regularly balanced meals.

This activity can be held in Antwerp, Brussels, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Hainaut, Liège, Limburg, Luxembourg, Namur, Walloon Brabant and West Flanders .

Number of participants

From 4 up to 12 people


Dutch, French, English


1 - 1,5 hours

Budget indication

€95 per participant (VAT excl.) Attention: different pricing may apply for small groups. Always use our calculator to calculate the correct price.

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Go Healthy: Customised cooking demo


Learn healthy eating with 10 points for atmosphere and conviviality!

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