Today no restriction

We invite you to No Restriction Today. A fun, playful and humorous event with one motto: there are no restrictions!

Discover the activities we have put together for you: sing, mime and dance with us in a relaxed atmosphere. Some examples of possible activities:

  • The Haka
  • The Air Band: Participants must take turns imitating and playbacking the drummer, bassist and guitarist of a fictional band.
  • Articule: Played in pairs. One participant wears headphones with music so that no external sound is perceptible. His partner faces him and has to make him discover words by articulating.
  • Commercial Casting: We give a fictional brand product to two participants, who have to perform a fake advertisement in different circumstances: drunk, sensual, hysterical, angry, laughing, musical version.
  • Freeze Dance: Some participants dance: when the music stops, they have to mime an object (or animal, etc.) in a still image.
  • Post-Synchro: dubbing of the clip from a well-known film in voice-over, but in different versions.

Fun guaranteed!

Number of participants

From 20 up to 150 people


Dutch, French, English


2 - 3 hours

Budget indication

€65 per participant (VAT excl.) Attention: different pricing may apply for small groups. Always use our calculator to calculate the correct price.

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